Affinity Sport’s partnership with Blue Sombrero provides unparalleled advantages.

Innovative technology

Blue Sombrero brings technology solutions for robust and flexible player registration and sports management for youth and adult sports clubs of every size — currently serving thousands of partner organizations across all 50 states.

For every sport

While Affinity Sports serves the majority of the youth soccer market in the USA, Blue Sombrero services our clients include many different organizations within youth sports (soccer, baseball, football, basketball, lacrosse, volleyball, summer camps, church leagues, and the list goes on).


Next-level features

An end-to-end online sports management solution with the most flexible and comprehensive online player registration software and sports management solution available on the market today — it is that simple.

Affinity Sports’ Digital Player Cards, real time scoring from the sidelines and texting last minute information … plus more are all available on a customizable Mobile Web App — which can be private labeled!

The Best Technology Solution for Sport Leagues


Sports Clubs can relax when they partner with Affinity Sports, knowing that our Online Registration and Club Management solution will efficiently and easily organize their organization. With player registration, coaching schedules, practice sessions, team rosters, volunteer participation, special events and tournaments streamlined — the Club can focus on the sport they love.

Everyone is on the same integrated platform so Club managers, coaches and parents learn one system. While it is easy to start using Affinity Sports, the solution is so robust, it can be used by organizations with hundreds of thousands of players.  

Registrars can easily evaluate player status, send reminders on required documents, monitor fee collection and much more.


Want to act like a professional sports club and stay on budget? Affinity Sports’ easy to use, pro-level management tools help you grow your club and exceed your customers and staff’s expectations.

Want the big picture? Track past seasons’ activity and easily evaluate how your club is performing as you plan for the future. And, our financial reporting tools offer summary or detailed data providing efficient and time saving tools to help grow your organization. All reports are simple to export to Excel or PDF.

Sound complicated? Affinity Sports’ 7-days-a-week, live customer service provides great support and is available whenever you need it and, whenever your coaches and volunteers have a question on the weekends and in the evenings. We support you so you can grow the game.


Affinity Sports makes it easy for you.  We understand sports and what it takes to run a successful and growing sports Club. Over 250,000 administrators use Affinity Sports and hundreds of thousands of youth sports teams rely on our technology to seamlessly organize their sport activities.  Our data driven technology works in the background so you can focus on the games — and your customers.

Creating camps, player development clinics, special parent meetings and educational events for your coaches has never been easier. With Affinity Sports, you are always prepared for what comes next.

We simplify event management with online registration and payment processing with flexible payment plans and promo codes — regardless of how large or small your Club is.

DICK’s Team Sports HQ provides everything you need today and prepares you for success tomorrow.

What Our Clients Say About Us

  • “We are using Affinity’s interactive digital player cards because they are awesome. It is fabulous to check-in players using your phone and to score the game easily from the sideline is incredible. No one could believe how easy it was. It worked great.”

    Bob TurnerBob TurnerPresidio Soccer League President
  • “Affinity Sports’ leading technology will improve our ability to work with our players, coaches and referees and allow us to focus on growing the game of soccer in Florida.

    Jennifer WestonJennifer WestonExecutive Director of Florida State Soccer Association
  • "Affinity Sports offers Florida the most complete solution for registering our players.  Affinity Sports’ comprehensive online registration and sports management software is the best on the market and we are thrilled to be working with their talented staff."

    Jennifer WestonJennifer WestonExecutive Director of FloridaState Soccer Association
  • "We have worked with Affinity over many years. During this time, they have fundamentally changed the way we operate at Utah Youth Soccer. We are now a membership organization specializing in providing a top quality soccer experience."

    Cindy BaronCindy BaronUtah Youth Soccer
  • “Affinity Sports’ innovative platform has benefits not available elsewhere on the market.”

    Dave LarabaDave LarabaExecutive Director of West Virginia Soccer Association
  • "We were so blown away with what Affinity Sports offers. Their evolving, intuitive online registration and sports management software is amazing. We reviewed six different companies' online registration platforms looking for the best solution for South Carolina Youth Soccer. Affinity Sports sells itself. Affinity Sports is more efficient than the others, very user-friendly and flexible."

    Rachel BolickRachel BolickExecutive Director of South Carolina Youth Soccer