Introducing Interactive Digital Player Cards

“Technology surrounds us everywhere but on the soccer field,” said Mark Skeen, CEO of Affinity Sports, a San Diego based firm specializing in solutions for sports organizations. “I knew we could bring useful technology to the soccer fields across America and have a positive impact on growing the game and keeping our kids safe.”

This January, Affinity Sports has introduced Interactive Digital Player Cards for the youth and adult soccer market in the USA. Affinity Sports has harnessed the power of technology and replaced printed player cards with highly secure, digital player cards accessible on any smart phone. This groundbreaking solution will help meet the needs of more than 1.2 million soccer players across the country.

Now, coaches, referees, tournament directors and team managers can rely upon Affinity Sports’ state of the art mobile platform, which can easily be accessed on any mobile device to check players in before a youth soccer game or tournament. The Affinity Sports mobile app is feature rich and includes a schedule, Google driving directions, iCal feed, news feed and private text messaging within teams.

Digital Cards are also green and help conserve paper. “Working to protecting our environment is a great goal for 2016,” said Skeen. “Wasting paper today is ridiculous when technology makes it so easy to use the digital form instead.”

“American youth soccer — in general — is in the dark ages. Most businesses embraced technology 10 years ago. Soccer is filled with mom and pop organizations staffed with volunteers who mean well, but are not necessarily able to take advantage of what technology offers. Utah Youth Soccer Association gave up paper player cards years ago and uses Affinity Sports,” said Brian Smith, President of the Utah Youth Soccer Association.

Bob Turner, the President of San Diego Presidio Soccer League said, “The Digital Cards were used for checking in youth soccer players at the San Diego Development Academy Showcase, and people were amazed. The coaches and managers thought the system was too easy! Everyone enjoyed using the digital cards instead of those old fashioned, laminated paper cards on a ring, and the ability to also score the game right from the field was incredible.”

“What most people do is very archaic,” said Turner. “Youth soccer team managers are still forgetting their player cards or losing them. Player cards are even stolen sometimes. We really look forward to using the Affinity Sports mobile platform for the season. Getting kids on the field is our goal, and now teams will not have to forfeit games because we will have this tool.”

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Dynamic Software Makes Sports management simple

Building and growing a governing body, sports league and youth or adult sport organization/club is easier with a great technology partner. Affinity Sports has more than 1.2 million players registered and playing the game they love. How can Affinity Sports help you?

For more than a decade Affinity Sports has helped soccer organizations spend less time on solving their registration issues and more time on what really matters – the players & the game.

Affinity Sports has deployed a system specifically architected and continuously updated to automate sports organizations processes. From flexible Online Registration solutions to responsive and interactive Digital Player Cards, the ShareView™ Platform capabilities allow leagues to grow their member base and communicate at a moment’s notice with organization members, players, and volunteer communities.

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Unmatched customer and system support for all users has made Affinity Sports a leading vendor in the cloud-based management systems market. 7-days-a-week live person phone support means weekend and evening support when parents are doing their volunteer work.

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More than one million players, 250,000 administrators, 4500 leagues, associations and clubs, and 12 national governing bodies are using the ShareView system.  Affinity minimizes the time spent managing the sport so more time is spent enjoying it.

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Our rapid deployment agility allows us to continuously adapt to changing marketplace and competition. Mobile web, mobile apps, real-time scoring, video and photo sharing altogether greatly enhance the sporting experience for all.  Our dynamic API allows us to quickly partner with best-in-class apps and tools.

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